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  Benzing M1 and Benzing G2  -  Advanced Racing Pigeon Electronic Timing Systems.


Benzing M1

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The most advanced electronic pigeon timing clock in the World with its built in easy to understand menus. It comes with a large display and rubberised keys for simple operation.


 Benzing : M1


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Benzing G2

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Ideal for the smaller loft or newcomer to sport. This modern state of the art timing system can clock up to 250 pigeons at 20 pigeons per second. Exceptional value for money.


 Benzing : G2


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Benzing INN

Continous Timing 2nd Clock


A second timing clock is the ideal completion to the G2 or the M1 clock, continuous timing of pigeons arriving at the loft whilst the fancier is at the marking station with their clock.


 Benzing : 911882


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G2 Docking Station

Battery Back Up


G2 docking station with a re-chargeable battery pack in the event of power failure. Provides 6 hours of backup power. Comes with a USB to update clock or print from a PC.


 Benzing : 657182


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