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Electronic Timing Systems for use with Racing Homing Pigeons

One of the many advantages of the electronic timing system clock over the standard printer clock is that the pigeon fancier can use the ETS clock for recording the arrivals of all the pigeons returning from a training toss. The pigeons are automatically identified and recorded as they enter the pigeon loft.

Racing Pigeon Liberation

Racing Pigeon Liberation


The racing pigeons carry on their leg a hitag-s electronic chip tag ring which stores the details of the owner, the race details and identity of the pigeon. At the race marking station prior to a race a unique code is electronically written to the chip ring for added security and prevention of ring tag cloning.


The fancier can use the system while training the pigeons and does not have to be at the loft when the pigeons arrive. The clock will store and display the times of the pigeons arriving to the loft.


Inside the loft or pigeon trapping system there is an antenna landing pad fitted, that when the pigeons enter the loft and land on the pad the information from their rings are recorded into the clock.


ETS clocks are reliable and accurate and since they are driven by software programs they can communicate to other pieces of electronic equipment such as computers and printers. This makes it fast and easy to calculate race results and produce the necessary resulting information required for the pigeon club fanciers.


Benzing Express G2 ETS Clock


Benzing G2 ETS Clock

Homing Pigeons are distributors of Benzing ETS clocks and accessories.


Benzing ETS clocks



The New Benzing Icom Ring



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