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Electronic Timing Systems for use with Racing Homing Pigeons

ETS as it is more commonly known is an abbreviation for "Electronic Timing System" and is fast becoming the accepted modern method for pigeon fanciers to record and clock their racing pigeons returning from a training toss or from a club, federation or one loft race.

Mr & Mrs J Savage Abbeyton Lofts

Abbeyton Racing Pigeon Loft


Abbeyton Lofts in Kilwinning, Ayrshire is kitted out for use with the latest Benzing Express G2 ETS clock, this is an ideal and affordable clock for fanciers who have less than 250 racing pigeons and it is capable of clocking in up to 20 pigeons per second.

More information on the Benzing ETS clocks and accessories can be found here:- Benzing ETS Clocks.


Up until a few years ago, before ETS clocks were introduced, but still in use in clubs  today, pigeons that are sent to a race are tagged with a rubber band on their leg at the clubs marking station. When the fanciers pigeon returns from the race point to the loft the rubber band is removed , inserted into a small plastic thimble and then put into a drum at the top, inside of the timing clock.


The fancier then rotates the clock key, the thimble disappears inside the clock and the time of arrival is stamped onto a paper roll inside the clock.

This picture shows a standard STB Quartz printer pigeon clock.
Standard STB Quartz Printer


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The New Benzing Icom Ring



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