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Report a Stray, Lost, Injured or Found Racing Homing Pigeon
Report the pigeon to the organisation with the ring prefix listed. The organisation will contact the owner.


 Ring Prefix  Organisation / Union  Contact Information
 SU  Scottish Homing Union  Report SU Pigeons
 GB  Royal Racing Pigeon Association  Report GB Pigeons
 IHU  Irish Homing Union  Report IHU Pigeons
 NEHU  North of England Homing Union  Report NEHU Pigeons
 AU, IF, CU  American Racing Pigeon Union  Report AU Pigeons
 NBRC  National Birmingham Roller Club  Report NBRC Pigeons
 NWHU  North West Homing Union  Tel:- 01257 421 271
 WHU  Welsh Homing Pigeon Union  Tel:- 01443 441 010
 Ring Prefix List  View All the Pigeon Ring Prefix's  Organisation Contact Details

If you have a pigeon with a ring prefix that is not listed above or you are unable to trace the correct organisation through the internet, then report the pigeon to us:-  Report a pigeon to Homing Pigeons


A repatriation scheme provides for lost birds to be returned to their owners by approved carriers. These carriers provide special containers for the birds and have purpose designed racking within their vehicles. For information on how to care for a stray racing pigeon continue to the next page.

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