Muscle Building : Strength / Fitness Pigeon Support Brochure
Muscle Building is an effective supplement that enhances and strengthens the muscles. Improves the speed and endurance of the pigeons during intensive periods.
Muscle Building contains the necessary proteins and minerals to effectively reduce lactic acid in the muscles. The antioxidants are vitamin A and vitamin E, which are indispensable to avoid the breakdown of certain muscle groups. In this way it contains the ideal mix to immediately replenish the necessary reserves.

Muscle Building proves to be a brilliant product during the breeding season, with its combination of the best quality natural vitamins and minerals, since it vastly reduces the watery droppings from the young squeakers in the nest during their development when weaning from crop milk to grain.

Instructions for proper use: Mix the first 2 to 3 days starting the day after the birds return from the race, give Muscle Building through the feed with All In Oil, give during racing periods in the first half of the week, then switch to Energy Booster in the second half before basketing for the race.

Composition: Corn Flour, Brewer’s Yeast, Milk Powder, Aragonite, Sodium Chloride, Wheat, Rye, Oats

Dosage: Mix 5 gr per kilo of feed

Code : 7426856161390 , Size : 400 gram Tub


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Herbal Tea : Health / Alertness Pigeon Support Brochure
Herbal Tea is a powerful herbal tea of more than 58 plants, herbs, spices and vegetables.

Herbal Tea increases the resistance of your pigeons. Because of the acidification, Herbal Tea contributes to a better intestinal flora and improves the overall condition of the pigeons. The resistance enhancing herbs contribute to healthier older pigeons, but also for the youngsters it is highly recommended. They grow stronger, have less trouble with young bird diseases and it improves their condition with regular use. The combination of herbs, spices and vegetables have a very good effect on the immune system. The pigeons are healthier and are more resistant to negative influences from outside the loft.

Instructions for proper use: May be given throughout the year.

Composition: Adder Root, Alants Root, Wormwood Herb, Artichoke Leaf, Asparagus Root Basil Leaf, Baldo Leaf, Hogweed, Birch Leaf, Nettle, Chicory Leaf, Lemon Grass Ramsons, Thistle Herb, Lamium, Dragon Leaf, Yarrow Herb, Angelica root Fenugreek, Garant, Teucrium Herb, Ginger, Gentian, Ginseng, Oats, Hibiscus Flower, Juniper Berry, Sweet Flag Root, Chamomile Flower, Cinnamon, Capuchin Cardamom, Catnip, Chervil, Clove, Bay Leaf, Alfalfa Herb, Marjoram, Myrrh Mate, Horseradish, Mustard Seed, Dandelion Leaf, Avens, Orange Petal, Rhubarb root, Rosemary leaf, Rosehip, Star Anise, Hogweed, Bog bean, Vervain herb, Sorrel leaves, Laurel

Dosage: 15 ml per litre of water

Code : 7426856161369 , Size : 500 ml Bottle


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Red Liquid : Coccidiose / Worms Pigeon Support Brochure
Red Liquid is a natural supplementary feed based on aromatic substances for racing pigeons. For problems with worms and coccidiosis Red Liquid supports the natural immune system of the pigeons, inhibits the development of intestinal parasites and optimize intestinal health.
Coccidiosis is an enteric disease caused by single-cell organisms called protozoans that affects the intestines of pigeons. The two types of coccidiae that are known to affect pigeons are Eimeria columbanum and Eimeria labbeanna. The disease will be most severe in young birds, and can wreak havoc amongst flocks that have not previously been exposed. Coccidiosis is most prevalent in warm, damp conditions, and the risk of infection will also be higher where there is poor hygiene or little ventilation in the loft or transporter. Signs of a Coccidiosis infection in pigeons include, (a) Loss of appetite and weight-loss, (b) Birds sit puffed up on perches with a lack of energy or motivation. (b) Droppings are usually extremely loose, greenish in color, and may turn very watery.

Instructions for proper use:
Preventive: 15 ml. per litre of drinking water two days a week.
Curative: 15 ml. per litre of drinking water for 5 days. Change the solution daily.

Composition: Pentose, Natriumchloride

Dosage:: 10 ml per litre of water

Code : 7426856161451 , Size : 500 ml Bottle


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