Probiol : Prevents YB Sickness Pigeon Support Brochure
Probiol is a bacterial protection for the preparation and the maintaining of a natural balance of the bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract of pigeons creating a fit and strong defence system. It stabilises and balances the bacterial flora by using only good bacteria and the pigeons own immune system.
The unique composition of Probiol makes it an ideal product to suppress the many pigeon illnesses, more especially, Young Bird Sickness and ensures that harmful bacteria cannot damage the intestinal wall. The efficacy of Probiol takes care of harmful bacteria and no resistance or side effects can develop in the pigeon which very often happens after antibiotic treatments.

Applications: Preventive during stress situations, changes in the environment, feeding, training, racing.
Curative when outbreak of Ecoli or acute diarrhea, it has a swift response.
Supportive after treatments with oral antibiotics when intestinal flora balance was disturbed.
With young birds with sterile intestinal and assists in the prevention of getting young bird sickness.

Instructions for proper use:
Young birds from weaning 2 times a week. Old birds the whole year 1 to 2 times a week. Ecoli outbreak: 5 consecutive days 1 gram per litre of water, in worst cases inject a solution into the crop of the pigeon.

Composition: Lactobacillus Farciminis, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Sodium Acetate, Dipotassium Phosphate Additives, Silicon Dioxide (E599/E551b)

Dosage: 0.5gr - 1 gr per 1 litre of water

Code : 7106625513871 , Size : 50 gram Tub


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Eye Care : Improves Vision Pigeon Support Brochure
Eye Care is an eye care product with only plant extracts. It cleanses and protects the eyes, making it effective against one eyed cold. Eye Care is also ideal for controlling the respiratory system. In healthy pigeons the drop must drain immediately through the tear duct. When opening the mouth the liquid will be visible in the throat.

Instructions for proper use: 1 drop in each eye on the day of basketing and on the day of returning from race.

Composition: Distilled water, mix of plant extracts.

Code : 7426856161437 , Size : 30 ml Bottle


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Peppermint Oil : Removes Vermin / Relaxant Pigeon Support Brochure
Peppermint Oil is a sharp, very fresh and minty fragrance and has a cooling and refreshing effect. The substance menthol is mainly responsible for this. Menthol belongs to a group of substances monoterpenols that helps the body to expel bacteria and even viruses. It is an effective remedy against unwanted flies, moths and mice in and around the pigeon loft.
The uses of peppermint oil as being beneficial to health. Good for inflammation as it has anti inflammatory properties, respiratory as it has anti bacterial properties, appetite stimulant, and has been used in humans to treat irritable bowl syndrome. It may also be a useful motivational tool when used on race birds as it is a mental stimulant. encourages vigour.

Instructions for proper use:
Against pests, drizzle a few drops daily in the loft.
Preventive, 2 drops per litre in drinking water.

Code : 7426856161468 , Size : 50 ml Bottle


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